Application Process

Standard processing time for a complete application (including all requested documentation/fees) is three weeks but may be longer depending on the time of year the application is received (e.g., May/June/December). However, we are not responsible for any delay attributed to outside organizations such as other regulatory bodies, schools or Canada Immigration.

You must not book patients until your registration has been confirmed by the College. It is recommended that you apply with ample time for processing prior to your expected start date.

Please note that your application is only valid for 3 months after being signed and witnessed.

The Registrar of the College must refer your application to the Registration Committee if he or she:

  • has doubts on reasonable grounds about whether you fulfill the registration requirements;

  • is of the opinion that terms, conditions or limitations should be imposed on the certificate and you do not consent to that;

  • proposes to refuse your application.

If the Registrar has to refer an application to the Registration Committee, the delay time for the application to be reviewed by the Committee depends on when the application was received by the College. The Committee meets approximately every two to three months. Please note: the Regulated Health Professions Act stipulates that you must be given 30 days to make submissions to the Committee.

If the Committee makes a decision on the day of the meeting, it will communicate its decision to the applicant within one week or less. However, the Committee may also determine that it requires further information before making a decision. The time required to obtain such additional information varies from case-to-case and with what has been requested. For example, additional information can require writing to a foreign jurisdiction, waiting for a disciplinary hearing to conclude in another jurisdiction, obtaining an expert opinion, or arranging for a health assessment and report or for a clinical assessment, if competency is in question.

The Committee communicates its decision to you, the applicant, in writing.

To learn more about how to appeal a Committee decision, you can review the information provided by the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board at