Can candidates appeal the results of the National Dental Examining Board Equivalency Process?

Yes within certain guidelines. Regarding the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge, it is not possible for unsuccessful participants to review their answers against the assessment questions as this would expose the questions to other candidates. This is not permitted by any other high stakes testing organization. Participants who request a rescore are able to review their answer score sheets with the master score sheet. 

There are multiple layers of verification to ensure the validity of the testing. Verification that the answers set by the NDEB are correct occurs at four reviews, plus during the statistical analysis. Any question that had less than 30% of the participants getting it right is automatically reviewed and the answer verified without the need for a request.

Each Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge is test equated to ensure that the passing standard is the same each year. Accordingly, apart from a computer/mechanical failure misreading a participant’s recorded answer, it is not possible for a multiple choice test of this kind to be wrong. Therefore, the failing of a candidate is not debatable. 

As stated above, participants can request to have their answer score sheets manually checked against the answer key if they wish to assure there was no computer error. The whole process from question selection to analysis is detailed in the NDEB’s technical manual.

There is an appeals process for the Assessment of Clinical Skills as this is not a multiple choice test but involves a number of elements including an examiner. To review the full appeal process, please go to:

Candidates who have exhausted the NDEB’s internal appeal process must consider going to civil court.  NDEB is the recognized expert in the field and is given lawful authority by the federal Parliament to establish and assess competency standards in Canada.