Public Health Ontario seeks your input on HPV and oral cancers

July 11, 2017

Health care professionals, including dentists, share the responsibility to address the increasing epidemic of HPV-related cancers. From the public health perspective, prevention and early detection are important to minimizing the burden of any type of cancer.

Dentists can play a key role in future strategies that target HPV-related cancers, given the association between HPV and oral cancers. They are among the most frequently visited health care providers and can actively participate in future strategies by:

  • Routinely discussing HPV vaccine with their patients.
  • Performing oral cancer screening to prevent and early detect HPV-related oral cancer.

  • Public Health Ontario is planning an online survey for dentists to share their experiences and self-perceived barriers in HPV-related oral cancer prevention and early diagnosis. PHO encourages dentists to participate, as it will ultimately enhance the capacity of the public health efforts to prevent HPV-related cancers and to minimize their impact on individuals, communities and the health care system.